About DCCB


The District Co-Operative Central Bank was established in the year 1936. The Bank renders it services through its 25 Branches in 3 Districts viz., Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Parvathipuram Manyam,(as per AP Districts bifurcation) covering 38 Mandals in 3 Revenue Divisions. For the past 86 years the Bank is catering services to the weaker sections of the District through Cooperation among the members. The Bank was formed under the Andhra Pradesh State Co- Operative Societies Act 1964 and it functions under the provisions of Banking Regulation Act under the supervision of NABARD and RBI. The Bank was licensed by Reserve Bank of India and is being inspected by NABARD under Sec.35(6) of BR Act.

There are49 Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies affiliated to the Bank through which around 1,40,000 farmers are being financed for the upliftment of the Agricultural Sector. There are around 400 other Cooperative Societies like Weavers Co-Operative Societies, Employees Cooperative Societies, Farmer Service Cooperative Services, Paddy Tapper Cooperative Societies, Fishermen Cooperative Societies etc,. members of the Bank, who are getting timely finance from the Bank.

The Bank is offering highest rate of interest on deposits collected from the public than any other commercial and private Banks. DCCB is playing a prominent role in financing crop loans, LT loans, ST Cash credit loans through PACS and to its Branches to the needy farmers. The Bank is financing other activities like LT Loans, Gold Loans, House repair loans, House Construction Loans, Personal Loans, NFS Loans, Cash Credit loans, Education Loans, Land development loans, House Repair loans, Bank Guarantees, Self-Helping Group loans, Joint Liability Group loans, Customer Hiring Centers loans, Government Sponsored Schemes etc. DCCB Srikakulam is completely working under Core Banking Solutions (TCS-B@NCS 24) under AP-NABARD project.

DCCB is issuing Rupay Debit cards to its customers in the district and Rupay Kisan cards especially to the farmers. DCCB is playing a vital role in implementation of Government sponsored schemes.

Bank owns 10 On-site ATM’s , 11 Off-site ATM’s and 01 Mobile van. 

On-site ATM’s located at: 1. Ichapuram, 2. Narasannapeta , 3.Pathapatnam, 4.Sompeta, 5.Srikakulam, 6.Tekkali, 7.Challalavanipeta, 8.Dandi Veedhi, 9.Edupuram, 10.Hiramandalam

Off-Site ATM’s located at: 1. Nimmada,2. Danta,3. Metturu,4. Urlam,5. Pundi, 6. Santhakaviti, 7.MS Palli,8. Ragolu,9. Buditi,10. Srikurmam,11. LN Peta