Safe Deposit Lockers

Safe Deposit Locker facility is one of the value added services provided by the Bank to its customers. Bank provides specially designed lockers purchased from reputed manufactures which are kept at specially built strong rooms at branches for keeping the valuable of hirers.

Safe Deposit Locker facility is available at all our branches . Lockers of different sizes to suit the needs of customers are available.

Rent for Safe Deposit Lockers is charged annually and rent is payable in advance.. Locker rent vary depending on size of locker.

* Nomination facility available

To avail lockers Customers must fulfill the following requirements.

• He should open Saving Bank A/c with concerned Branch .

• He Should maintain twice the amount of Locker rent in his/her Saving Bank A/c.

• He should give Rs.10,000/- Fixed Deposit duly discharged to the custody of Bank as Security.

• He is advised to give nomination for his Safe Deposit Locker.

Locker Rent per Year :

S.NO Locker type Rent
1 SMALL LOCKER RENT 750+ GST(As Applicable)
2 MEDIUM LOCKER RENT 1000+ GST(As Applicable)
3 BIG LOCKER RENT 1500+ GST(As Applicable)

Lockers are available in the following branches in small, medium and large sizes. The availability of lockers in branch wise as mentioned below:

S.NO Branch Name Vacant lockers Position
1 Amadalavalasa Branch 33
2 Srikakulam Branch 98
3 Challavanipeta Branch 72
4 Gara Branch 58
5 Tekkali Branch 10
6 Pathapatnam Branch 8
7Rajam Branch 15
8 Narasannapeta Branch 34
9 Dandiveedhi Branch 28
10 Palasa Branch 21
11 Sompeta Branch 11
12 Ichapuram Branch 23
13Kotturu Branch 22
14Palakonda Branch 13